The Andover City Council approved Tuesday evening Recreation Department coach background checks for all coaches and assistant coaches.

The Andover City Council approved Tuesday evening Recreation Department coach background checks for all coaches and assistant coaches.

Recreation Director Seth Carey explained the baseball league, Wichita Heights Junior Baseball and Softball League, required a background check on all head coaches. Carey requested continuing that practice throughout all Andover recreation programs for head coaches and assistant coaches.

“This will help us to have the best volunteers out there for our kids and make sure everyone that is participating in our program should be out there with them,” he said.

Carey explained background checks of coaches has become common practice and it was a requirement in the baseball and softball league as well as at the YMCA when he worked there.

“It was an understanding with the coaches that if you want to be around kids and volunteer to spend your time with them, then you have to have a background check to make sure we don’t have any felons out there preying on kids or anything like that,” said Carey.

The City Council approved the background check contract with Protect Youth Sports for $1,650, subject to the review and approval of the agreement by City Attorney J.T. Klaus.

The City Council also:

• approved a temporary use request by the Rusted Rooster for an outdoor market at 837 N. Andover Rd.

• approved a resolution indicating the intent to issue taxable industrial revenue bonds in an amount not to exceed $3,250,000 for the purpose of purchasing, acquiring, constructing, furnishing and equipping an Aveda Institute school of cosmetology in the Andover Business District.

• approved a resolution authorizing the sale of property and the execution of delivery of a contract for purchase and sale of land for an Aveda Institute School of Cosmetology.

• approved an ordinance amending sections of the Code of the City and the City of Andover Zoning Regulations for the purpose of clarifying the description of suitable barriers for residential swimming pools.

• approved an ordinance prohibiting the parking of commercial dumpsters and storage devices on public streets and creating a section of the Code of the City.

• approved a 2014 Street Maintenance Project request for bids and approved amending the budget.

• approved the paving plans and developer’s proposal for Shadow Rock Addition paving and authorized the mayor to sign, subject to review by the city attorney.

• approved a Green Valley Reserve Addition final plat.

• approved an annexation service plan resolution.

• approved a resolution amending the Code of Municipal Polices for position descriptions and position and salary classification plan for the IT director.

• heard a presentation on Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization MOVE 2040. The WAMPO plan is a 25-year transportation plan.

• proclaimed May 1 as National Day of Prayer.