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  • Now I see Liberals’ thinking process - do not support any issue that I do not agree with. It can’t be the money, as Koch is spending 4 percent that of Bloomberg. I understand and agree with the founding fathers and their design of government. Being a republic is best. Following the path of Socialism can not last any longer in the US than all other countries that have tried it. What is so special about the teaching profession that it should be above and beyond recall?
    There is no doubt that social media has taken over the world. Whether it is advertising, getting the daily news, or catching up on gossip, many people spend time on Facebook and twitter. With this in mind, local police need to be aware of what they post and who they are “friends” with. Fair or not, even in the virtual world, law enforcement is held to a higher standard. The reason I bring up this point is, in the real world, it would be inappropriate for a law enforcement officer to ‘pal around’ with a registered sex offender, yet several members of the Augusta Department of Safety, including a major, a aergeant, and school resource officer are on the Facebook friends list of Jerry Ballinger, registered sex offender. There is also a Butler County Sheriff’s lieutenant, an El Dorado police officer, and a Wichita police officer on this list...I realize that you are human, and that many of you spent 20 years as a colleague of this man, but there comes a time when you have to cut those ties. That time was when Jerry Ballinger was arrested for indecent liberties with a child.
    Brownback is playing Washington-style hardball right here in Kansas. Paul Davis, this is the big leagues--you'd better bring your A game if you're going to compete. Let’s ditch Sam.
    Oh my gosh! Senator Masterson failed to reveal the ENTIRE truth to the City Council. I say lets start thinking about making some money for Augusta and let some others use the airport.
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