The Desk and Derrick Club of Butler County hosted their annual regional meeting for the Association of Desk and Derrick this past weekend in El Dorado. The event, which is only held in El Dorado every nine to 10 years, brought individuals from all over the United States and Canada with interest in the petroleum industry. The group consisted of 75 registrants from the petroleum and allied industries.
To kick off the regional meeting, the group took two field trips. One to Pioneer Balloon and the other to BG Products on Friday morning. They then met at the Civic Center in El Dorado for their luncheon. The food for the luncheon was provided by Savage Services. Along with various dishes and a social hour, the group welcomed Walter Nusbaum, a Growth Strategy consultant at The Nusbaum Group. Walter took a few moments to speak to the group about the characteristics associated with success and happiness.
“The key to accomplishing success and happiness,” explained Nusbaum, “is learning to manage and control emotions. Successful people do not allow their environment to control them. It is also known as emotional intelligence.”
Nusbaum went on to speak about the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment, which was led by Professor Walter Mischel. He explained the significance of the children who were able to withstand the temptations of whatever small reward they were offered and how it gave clues to how well they would be able to handle emotions in their later lives.
Nusbaum then went on to speak and give examples on how to become better as a person.
“We all have blind spots,” explained Nusbaum. “We all have little things we do that affect those around us negatively. If we find someone that is honest to us about what we do, we are able to change and that is how we grow to be better people.”
Nusbaum ended his speech with an outline of the steps to self awareness: Attitude toward others, word choice, actions toward others as well as ourselves, reactions to occurrences in our lives, and emotions and how we are able to express them.
“The best tip I can give anyone when it comes to learning our blind spots and becoming a better person,” said Nusbaum, “is to never rationalize behavior. If it is rationalized, there is no reason to change it and then there is no way to improve it.”
On Friday evening, the group held a BBQ, which was provided by Buckeye Supply in El Dorado’s East Park. It was held in conjunction with “The Amazing Race for Energy Education” activities. Participants were given the chance to engage in activities at the Kansas Oil Museum following the dinner.
Saturday held the business meeting at Butler Community College’s Hubbard Welcome Center, which featured guest speaker J. L. White from Kansas Strong. The Mobile Energy Education Truck was also on site for tours.
The banquet, which took place on Saturday evening, featured entertainment provided by “Studio” and Teresa Bachman and was held in the Hubbard Welcome Center.

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