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  • Brownback's signing of the school funding bill is his latest attempt to deceive Kansans into believing that education is his top priority. Brownback chose to stand with extreme special interests over Kansas students, parents and teachers. The bill he signed eliminated due process for Kansas teachers. He has stripped money from at-risk students. And he undermined public schools by creating corporate tax breaks for private school scholarships.
    To the viewpointer attacking Mr. Bush for writing an editorial on the opinion page - the Kochs do continue to attack my rights as an American and they spread their money around as to not appear as one big lump sum contribution. Quit trying so hard to convince me that they’re saints.
    The tone in Saturday’s viewpoint concerning the Kochs, the Bill of Rights and Mr. Bush’s editorials is down right nasty. Why do conservatives always sound mean and ticked off all the time? I just don’t get it. It’s okay to disagree, but can’t we discuss without sounding arrogant and angry?
    I am a subscriber to the Pekin Daily Times (Pekin, Ill.) and I really enjoy the articles that you submit to the paper. It is very refreshing to see that there are still people who gave good principles and have have a faith in God. In these days of such indifference and critical attitudes toward the people of faith, when some one is bold enough to speak out, I have a deep respect and admiration for them. Thank you so much for the article on "NO MIDDLE GROUND ON FAITH." Keep up the good work.
    The Koch brothers are entitled to their own right-wing political views.
    It’s a free country.
    But in using their vast wealth to change those rules and laws in order to fit their political views, the Koch brothers are undermining our democracy. Political power tends to rise to where the money is. And this combination of great wealth with political power leads to greater and greater control by the Kochs and their ilk, and working against the rest of us.
    (The Koch brothers are each worth 40 Billion dollars.)
    Some people say our country is a democracy, others say we technically are a Republic. Unfortunately, our country is becoming a Plutocracy--and the Koch brothers should be happy about that.
    Jared Estes sounds like a remarkable young man and what a great message to share with students. Thank you for sharing his story.
    Downtown Inc. needs the city’s support.
    I hope when election time rolls around that all of the teachers and education supporters remember what Brownback and his party has done to this state.
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