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I wonder if the persons who seem so negative about  public schools have  visited one in the past 20 years?  I personally am impressed with what teachers  are able to accomplish today under often difficult circumstances. Many people seem to accept the myth that public schools are failing--except  the schools their children attend. According to some reliable research, public  schools actually perform better than many private schools.
Mr. Bush, given the Koch's and Koch industries spent 2.6 million on candidates in the 2012 election cycle (which was apparently more than the Kent Bush/Liberal Viewpoints election police threshold) I will eagerly await your next Editorial regarding the evils of influence peddling by former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg who spent  nearly $14 million on campaign contributions in the 2012 election cycle and has pledged an additional $50 million this week for this for anti-gun candidates/legislation for 2014.    At least the Koch's were not attacking rights guaranteed to all Americans by the Bill of Rights. Duplicity always has it’s price, but I didn’t expect the bill to come just a week after your condemnation of the Koch money. I will also look forward to your insinuations of evil by liberal mega-donors George Soros and Thomas Steyer.  Guess you won’t hear about them on MSNBC or in the Times Gazette.  Wonder why?
I didn't realize that Kansas teachers had it so good! Wait...I AM one! The misleading word in this whole debate is "tenure". We do NOT have tenure...never did! Don't confuse "due process" with "tenure". This simply means that teachers have the right to a hearing before they get terminated. True, there are bad teachers in our schools who need to get out...BUT there are also those of us who have been here for years who are effective and now stand the risk of being terminated due to a...


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