A look at Augusta's past

The opinion of the American Bankers’ Association and local banker R.A. Haines was that Thomas Dewey would be the next U.S. president.
Rules were published for garbage collections in Augusta.  The new garbage collector, Berna Riley, was on the job and the City was making it clear that other persons than Riley weren’t allowed to be picking up garbage.
Patrons in the Douglass school district at the annual meeting, had voted to raise the budget for teachers’ salaries about $3,000, in hopes to get the wages closer to wages paid by the war plants.
Capt. John F. Wedding had completed his 25 missions over Axis-held Europe from England plus several missions to boot, and was headed home to Augusta.
Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Fowler had sold their well-known Shady Rest Resort.  In 1928, Mr. Fowler bought a 160-acre farm, 8 1/2 miles northwest of Augusta, at the time Santa Fe Lake was being constructed.  He put a cabin on the creek for his family’s use during the summer.  He eventually built a club house and opened it to the public.  More cabins were built and it became a favorite place for many years.  The new owner was L.E. Stolz.  The Fowlers were keeping a cabin, however.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Dennett opened The Village Decorative in the Village Shopping Center at Broadway and Ohio.
Judy Martin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Martin, was named first runner-up in the Miss Winfield pageant.
The Robinson Elementary PTA presented portraits of former superintendent H.H. Robinson and of the late President John F. Kennedy.  The paintings would be placed in a prominent location at the school.
Jean Tournquist was named Miss Safety Princess at a banquet held at Lehr’s.  Others in the contest were Judy Beal, Diane Berndsen, Kathy Boucher, and Sue Ann Robinson.
Dr. W.R. Gentzler was presented the Silver Beaver, a distinguished service award, at the annual recognition banquet of the Quivira Council of the Boy Scouts.
State Senator Frank Gaines, a Democrat from Augusta, announced his candidacy for U.S. Congress Kansas Fifth District.
Approximately 500 people attended dedication ceremonies for the Bluestem High School.  Senator Robert Dole was the special guest speaker.
Joan Snyder of Augusta won the distinguished Kansas Medal for a photo in the Wichita International Exhibition of Photography.
Stephanie Tillett, AHS senior and a member of the track team, broke the school record in the 800 meter.
May Gruver and Zelda Miller were both honored as 50-year members of Chapter AF, PEO Sisterhood.
“Upward Bound” was the theme of the Augusta High School prom.  The colors were pink and burgundy and the song was “Up Where We Belong.”
U.S. Senator Nancy Kassebaum spoke to a large crowd at the Augusta Senior Center.
A source of an oil leak which contaminated a portion of the Whitewater River, northwest of Augusta, was traced to a point about a mile east of Benton and 2 miles north of K254 Highway.
The late J.W. “Bill” Ewalt of Augusta, was inducted into the Pioneer Section of the Greyhound Hall of Fame at Abilene.