Residents of Douglass have an opportunity to positively impact their community

The City of Douglass is asking for help from local residents in obtaining a Community Development Block Grant. If obtained, the money from this grant would be used to pay for major repairs to sewer lines in desperate need of attention. This funding cannot be obtained without the support of the community. Residents of Douglass have a rare opportunity this month to positively impact their community in a very tangible way but with minimal effort.
By filling out a single one-page survey and returning it to city offices before month end citizens can help city officials prove that the community qualifies for this grant and possible future grants as well. Douglass residents have not had such an opportunity since 2004 when surveys were sought for this same type of grant but response from the community was too low and the city was not able to obtain enough information to receive that grant. Sewer repairs still had to be made and it wasn’t long before residents saw a massive $20/month increase on their utility bill.
   As an added incentive the city is offering a $5 credit to the May statements of all residents who return a completed survey to the city no later than close of business on April 30.
City Administrator KaLyn Nethercot wants residents to know city offices will be open until 7 p.m. this Wednesday in an effort to gather more surveys and if a person can’t get to the city office a city employee will come pick up the survey.
For those concerned about privacy it should be noted the questions on the survey are no more invasive than the Census, no names are directly on the survey and no personal information will be sold. Obtaining this grant is crucial to the fiscal and structural future of Douglass.
If any residents have questions, they are encouraged to contact Nethercot at 316-747-2109.