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When legislators tell you they can't vote for only part of a bill, they are disingenuous. They could have voted down the bill with teacher's due process attached and the leadership would have had to present a clean bill to vote on. They were able to attach the due process amendment because they knew they had 63 willing co-conspirators.


When legislators meet in the middle of the night on the weekend behind closed doors it can mean only one thing, the wish to do harm to fellow Kansans. Remember Tag Office, the Divers License Office, taking money from the Turnpike, and the scam they run to put KPERS money into their own pockets. Don't forget what they have done to the poorest of the poor and the infirm, the medical help they need to live is gone. The hospitals and doctors who try and help are not paid. There does seem to be plenty of insurance money though for PACs and TV commercials. They did do one thing right. They voted to confirm their belief in evolution. We now have a millions of year old State Fossil. A winged dinosaur no less, evolutionary ancestor of our State Bird. Thanks for that anyway.


The average Kansas teacher makes $47,517/yr according to the Lawrence World Journal, working about 190 days under an employment contract which works out to over $31/hr assuming an 8 hour day. This average teacher, then, can retire after about 30 years earning a full pension for life (probably worth about $600,000 if it were in a 401K plan) Many, if not most, enjoy an above average health, life and disability package to boot, and often times head to another school district to “double dip” after they retire at 55. But these benefits coupled with the job security of working for a government monopoly aren’t enough for Mr. Bush, self appointed spokesperson for the teachers unions. He’s upset the legislature voted to take away their tenure, or virtual guaranteed employment for life. Where is your outrage, Mr. Bush, for the 99% of working Kansan's, who go to work every day knowing if they screw up they can be fired?... Yes, pity the poor teachers. If you can’t see the link between the inability to fire poor performers and improving Kansas schools, I guess you’ve been “educated” by a Kansas teacher all right.



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