One of our traditions is in need of your help

It’s already April and in a few short months, summer will be here bringing the smell of chlorine, sounds of cheering fans at baseball games and the sky lit up with our annual City Fireworks Show on July 4. Summer is a special time with familiar routines and certain traditions that are revisited year after year. One of our traditions is in need of your help.
For the past six years, Augusta’s fireworks show has been sponsored by a handful of businesses that generously made financial donations to ensure Augustans had a July 4th show. Each year, businesses would donate between $250-$1,000. This year, we are trying something new – we are asking everyone for help in the hope that many small donations will add up to meet our fundraising goal.
What do we need? The average fireworks show in Augusta costs $7,000. The City contributes $500 per firework stand permit. Depending on the year, the City pitches in between $1,000-$2,000 per show. This year, we have a new company coordinating the show and so we are anticipating an even better event. Our goal is to contract for a $7,500 display. In order to make this possible – we need you.
How can you help? It’s easy –  join our crowdfunding campaign.
So, what is crowdfunding? The definition of crowdfunding is “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.”  
Crowdfunding is a great way to engage large groups of people and to spread the costs between many rather than depend on a few to make the ‘cause’ or project possible. Donating is easy to do by going online and using your credit card to make any contribution between $5-$1,000 or more. Simply go to and search for ‘Augusta Kansas Fireworks Show.’ Scroll down to the tab that says ‘Fundraisers’ and our cause will be the first one listed. Click on the link and you will be immediately connected to all the details of our cause. Find the orange tab that reads ‘Donate to this fundraiser’ and then follow directions to join the crowdfunding.  Crowdrise is a very user-friendly site with transparent accountability and guidelines and a successful track record of managing campaigns.
Another way to find the direct link is to type:
Currently, we have raised 5% of our goal. By donating, your name (if you wish), will be included on the website and together we can watch our funds grow.
There will be a $5 administration fee charged to your card along with your donation. Donations are sent monthly to the non-profit organization, ours being Ignite Augusta.
So Augusta – let’s band together and crowdfund for an awesome 2014 fireworks show. As the proverb says, ‘many hands make light work, ‘ which is equally true of fundraising. Together, let’s make this year’s 4th of July show special for our entire community. Help spread the word!