The cost of the training was a concern for the commission

The Juvenile Justice Services Department brought a request for further training before the Butler County Commissioners on Tuesday morning.
“We are requesting a letter of understanding with Austin Peters Group to provide an ethics training class for the staff of the Juvenile Justice Services Department,” said Ann Carpenter, Juvenile Justice administrator. “We would also like to offer this training to additional statewide staff. It will be hosted by the Butler County Juvenile Justice Services Administration.”
The staff, while not mandated by the state, is vital to continue improving the service at the department.
“Years ago, we were required to perform 20-40 hours of training a year,” explained Carpenter. “Since the state can no longer fund that training, they have waived that stipulation. I feel this training is important for us to better serve the clients in our office.”
“When did the state stop funding this training?” asked Commissioner Dan Woydziak.
“The state has not funded this type of training for about six years,” explained Carpenter. “We have hosted these types of trainings before in Butler County.”
The cost of the training was a concern for the commission.
“We found out the cost of this training, which will total $1,000 will be the same whether we are training two people or 50 people,” said Carpenter. “We've opened up the registration to all like departments state wide and we hope to get at least $900 of the registration fees back when other departments register. In the end, it will only cost us $200-$300 including room and refreshments.”
Masterson moved to approve the Letter of Understanding and the motion was carried 5-0.
The commission also:
• completed a work session on the Quarterly Investment of Idle Report.
• approved the award of the low bid of $13,698 to Boesen/Plumb Elevator Solutions for the replacement of the hydraulic pump and controls for this pump in the East Annex Building.
• approved the acceptance of dedication of the road right-of-way for SW Butler Road on the south side of K-254 for the proposed road improvement work related to the new MKC Elevator project.
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