At the beginning of the season, coach Casie Davis knew she could rely on her two speedy forwards to lead Augusta’s girls soccer team.

Shelby Clay and Clarice Dalziel both lived up to expectations, and then some, Tuesday afternoon at home against Wichita Independent. Clay scored three goals for a hat trick, and Dalziel scored one of her two goals on a nice header to lead the Orioles to a 5-2 victory.

“The give-and-gos that they did, and shooting the ball,” Davis said was her favorite aspect of the Orioles’ win. “We were shooting the ball, and that’s what matters.”

Clay and Dalziel could not be stopped by the Panthers. They rattled off several shots between the two of them and set up teammates when they could.

Lydia Ehrmann and Kylie Guilliams made several nice passes, some of which were on give-and-go plays that sparked runs down the field.

“It was awesome seeing them make connections together,” Davis said of their passing.

Clay’s first two goals were off of nice strikes in the first half. Her third goal came late in the second half after she took a long shot on goal. The ball bounced and rolled right through Independent’s goalie’s hands and legs to give Clay the hat trick.

Augusta’s corner kicks were more effective than they’ve been all season. Dalziel eventually worked her way through traffic on one such play and scored on a sweet header in the first half. The Orioles teed off several shots from corner kicks.

The Orioles led 5-0 before the Panthers managed to get two scores late, with the match already decided.

The win was much-needed after the Orioles took a tough 3-0 loss to Mulvane last week. Meagan Grantham missed her first match after she broke her collar bone. The Orioles now have two wins on the season.

“Boosts the team morale,” Davis said. “Especially when we have the potential to win more games...Things happen to knock you down, but we’re getting back up.”

Augusta returns to action Monday, April 21 on the road against a tough McPherson team.