You implied the outcome of the vote was bought by the Kochs

Kent Bush,
Oh, the irony in your recent rant against the Kansas Legislature's vote to improve educational outcomes by ending tenure for Kansas teachers.
You implied the outcome of the vote was bought by the Koch’s.  However, according to the website open which lists the top donors to political campaigns over the last 15 years, Koch Industries shows up in the number 59 spot at $18 million.  Close to the top of list you find the National Education Association at #3, donating $59 million and the American Federation of Teachers at #12 donating $37 million.  Who’s trying buy votes, Mr. Bush?  
In fact, of the top 25 donors (12 of which are unions) only 3 lean Republican.  Interestingly, your nemesis the NRA, doesn’t even break the top 50.  Which brings up the second bit of irony in your Democratic talking points;  that being the Kansas Legislature’s prohibition on local government attempts to trump the second amendment.  You seem to think federal and state protection of individual freedoms is a bad thing.   
Given the lack of competition faced by liberal papers like yours, and the barriers to entry into your business, you enjoy the benefits of a monopoly without the regulation.  I wonder how you would feel about your first amendment rights if County Commissioners or City Councils decided that due to the above, you were no longer able to engage in politically charged personal attacks as publisher, like that directed to Rep Masterson?   I suspect you would think protection of individual freedoms and the first ammendment were pretty important at that point, just like I do.

Aaron Wells