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  • Our students deserve to have the very best teachers and principals need the power to make sure that happens.  Picking on politicians’ family members is a cheap shot.
    Kent Bush, your below-the-belt comments directed toward Ks. Representative David Crum were a tragic result of your political bias.  Until there is a private and public apology, my respect for you and the newspaper has evaporated.  We will not renew the subscription.
    Mr. Bush has written one side of an issue that gets a lot of agreement from some.  I am trying to grasp that same connection, but can’t.  The teaching profession above any other should be subject to higher standards. A teacher’s misdeeds or errors of judgement should be viewed with the student in mind.   I would not allow my son/daughter to stay in a classroom of a tenured instructor who has less thant expected morals.
    As a Republican teacher, I will not be voting my party in the next election.  The “true” Republican party is no more.  There is nothing wrong with moderation.  The Tea Party bunch drank the kool-aid and many of my Republican friends are following suit.  
    I propose that Gov. Brownback spend a night in a state hospital to get an  idea about the state’s need for more health coverage for mentally ill.  I propose that he spend a week as an average senior citizen to see the need for expanded Medicaid expansion, and I propose he spend a week as a Kansas teacher.  
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