Dick Morris, local funeral director, will share his life's story at the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast at 7 a.m. May 1

Personality tests have rated him as “an off the charts feeler,” appropriate personality traits for a funeral director.

Dick Morris, local funeral director, will share his life’s story at the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast at 7 a.m. May 1 at the Chop House Banquet facility, 2525 W. Central in El Dorado.

Morris was inspired for his profession by following in his father’s footsteps, and learned about service in a Christian home.

Life has not always been smooth, and he will share life’s struggles, losing his father at an early age, becoming Mr. Mom after the death of his wife, Diane, his interesting introduction to Denise, who has blessed the family for many years as Mrs. Mom, grandmother and wife, and how God has proven how dedication and service brings blessings beyond comprehension.

Some mountain top experiences in his life have been leading the National Funeral Directors to become a major contributor to the WW II Memorial in Washington, D.C., carrying out that tribute to veterans in establishing the memorial at the Butler County Court House, the birth of Numana, and most recently, establishing a home for those trying for a better life, with the establishment of Richie’s House.

His spiritual journey will unfold as he shares the concept of serving the Lord, who has multiplied His blessings teaching the concept that “it is more blessed to give than receive.”

Mayor Mike Fagg will host the breakfast, Morris’ daughters will share favorite spiritual songs and scriptural thoughts will be shared by longtime associates of Morris, Dale Dawson and Lionel Butts.  Reservations are to be made to the El Dorado Chamber at 316-321-3150.  Cost of the breakfast is $7.50.

May 1 is the National Day of Prayer and in addition to the prayer breakfast, area residents are invited to gather at the Butler County Court House at noon for a short time of prayer for the community and nation.