Where did the idea of eliminating tenure/due process as a way of “protecting” Kansas kids come from?

To Kent Bush,
Poor Ty!  Ty claims he worked long (no doubt) and hard hours finding a compromise for the education bill, a result of the Kansas Supreme Court ruling of funding inequity in public schools. A predicament self-induced by the fiscally irresponsible tax policies of the governor and his hand-picked extremists in the legislature. He would have us believe that he is listening to his constituents and wants nothing but the best for kids, their parents, and the fine teachers who work in our public schools.  So, where did the idea of eliminating tenure/due process as a way of “protecting” Kansas kids come from?  Did it come from the Kansas Association of School Boards, an organization of Kansas school superintendents and school board members who’s responsibility is for the educational well-being of Kansas kids? Did KASB suggest to legislators an urgent need for change?  Did it come from the legislative committee process? Did it come from public hearings on the abuse of tenure and support for elimination of due process?   Certainly the committee vetting process is the propitious path for sound public policy?  No, the idea came from the minds of the very legislators (and those who whisper in their ears) who created the funding shortfall, and they would have us believe they are looking out for the best interests of public education and the kids of Kansas.  Don’t buy it!

 Charlie Roth
 Former Republican Ks.House Representative and former Salina mayor