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  • Kent, Thanks for writing that courageous and thoughtful article --"taking on" local and state politicians and their wealthy supporters must be a formidable task. I think your articles about the workings of local andstate government are really needed! You seem to always know what these knuckle-heads are up to! Our state government is scaring me.....a lot! There seems to be such a lack of common sense and intelligence. Sadly, most of them will be re elected.
    Kent, Regardless of any political party affiliation, I appreciated your article very much. Overall, I am very appalled by our country and the great state of Kansas- it is not the kind, rural America that it was when I was a youngster or college student. Truly, partisan politics have to go and I wish that we as Americans would clean house across the board. However, if one really understands the magnitude of our political system, often the only protection for our children, our poor and unemployed, our veterans and service-oriented people, is a voice that gets out there-broad and quick, such as your article...How could non-tenure benefit? Here's why I would be for it. First of all, no other job has the ability to fire you or force a resignation without reason. As a teacher, you waive those laws to succumb to tenure... If tenure is erased then teachers should immediately unionize or amalgamate under an existing union. They are protected under better state and federal law and fair practice.
    All of you condemning House Bill 2506 need to open your eyes. What about the teachers having affairs with other teachers or their principals? The teacher keeps their job and the administrator gets fired...What about the teacher falling asleep in class because they are well past the age of retirement?..What about the teacher who plays movies every day in class because they don’t feel like teaching? These are examples of what I experienced in public schools. If you are a good teacher, you have nothing to worry about...I don’t support the teachers who get by on doing nothing, or have affairs, but know they can’t be fired because of tenure or due process.
    Editor’s note: We confirmed the following with Superintendent John Black - Even with due process teachers can be recommended for nonrenewal or termination for violating the contract and for proven unprofessional behavior. The teacher in these cases, if employed more than 3 years, would have a right to a hearing. As it should be any discipline that is taken against a person must be based on facts and not on rumors. It is too often difficult to obtain the facts in order to build an effective case in front of the due process hearing officer. Innocent until proven guilty.
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