It wasn't just during her time with the Orioles when Abby Tipton started getting looked at.

Tipton played summer ball with the Renegades last year when Barton Community College's softball coaching staff took a big interest in her. They saw her at a tournament, and later got hold of some tape of Tipton.

"I was very excited. I was like, wow, he wants me," Tipton said with a smile.

They decided that was enough and wanted Tipton. She had a couple other interests along the way, but Tipton knew Barton was where she wanted to go. She signed a letter of intent to join the Cougars' program next year.

"It was always a dream of mine to play college softball," Tipton said. "So it's a wonderful experience. I'm truly blessed.

"I really liked it when I went," she added. "I really felt the atmosphere, and it was really nice there."

Tipton has enjoyed quite a rise the past two seasons. She started her junior season on the JV team for the first four games. She was a substitute in games against McPherson, and made some eye-popping plays at second base. She went on to earn the starting position on varsity and really flourished from there.

Tipton also has experience at third base, and this season, she is taking over first base for Augusta.

"The kid can do a lot for us," Augusta coach Shane Steinkamp said. She's very versatile on the infield. She probably could, if we needed her to, play at short, too. She can do a lot with great hands and really get some things done defensively. And offensively, she has a great bat. Good power, hits the ball in the gaps a lot."

Tipton also played volleyball - she was a strong middle hitter and blocker - and basketball throughout her high school career, showing her versatility.

When she gets to Barton, she plans to study to get into the education field in some capacity.

Her parents are Julie and Mitch Tipton.