Butler County Commission approved the Butler County Water Resource Committee’s forming resolution

The Butler County Commission, following a discussion last week regarding the resolution of the Butler County Water Resource Committee’s forming resolution, revisited the topic on Tuesday morning.

“If the city of El Dorado doesn’t sign this resolution, it is debatable as to whether we need to have this committee,” commented Commissioner Mike Wheeler.

“Many people like where this committee is going,” said County Administrator Will Johnson. “The direction I’ve seen this group going is more in tune to trying to find a wholesale water district to supply more rural parts of the county. It is an informational discussion group that cannot take action.”

“I know the city of El Dorado has been concerned because it is El Dorado’s water that is being discussed,” said Wheeler.

“It is not El Dorado’s water,” said Commissioner Peggy Palmer. “It is the state of Kansas’s water.”

Palmer then moved to approve Resolution 1404 and the motion was carried 4-0 with Commissioner Dan Woydziak absent.

“I do like this portion of the resolution regarding the number of representatives each party may have on this committee,” said Wheeler.

“This resolution leaves that decision up to the committee so they can decide how many representatives the city of El Dorado should have themselves,” said Johnson.

“That issue was never finalized,” commented Palmer. “It was never set in stone.”

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