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  • What a wonderful article Mr. Bush wrote about one of the worst people I have ever known of. Mr. Bush was able to find the positive while still portraying Fred Phelps as the monster he was without stooping to his level. The article showed Mr. Bush to be a gentleman of class.
    Thanks to the editor for reminding the person who is misinformed about the Girl Scouts that we should not believe everything we read or see on the Internet. Also, talking heads on TV--especially on Fox "News" --often stretch the truth until it is totally unrecognizable.
    Amen, Kent Bush! What a great article concerning the hate-monger Fred Phelps.
    The editor was being extremely tactful in explaining to the reader that he/she is incorrect in his assumption concerning the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood. The reader needs to do some research for the “real” truth.
    It looks like some Augusta residents are happy to simply leave their new trash carts in the street. C’mon people, move them out of the streets!
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