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  • How come we only have two candidates in the presidential election, and there are 50 candidates in Miss America?
    I'm happy the City Council chose Josh Shaw for our City Manager. He has proven himself already. Is there anything that can be done about all the newspapers/advertisements etc., thrown in our yards? Most end up in the gutter. What happened to the word, LITTERING?
    Thank you for the story about heroin use in Butler County. As a relative of a heroin addict, I can relate to the pain. I’m sure there are a number of young people in our area with the terrible addiction.
    Had you gone to Google “Girl Scouts USA” you would have read the same as I. I checked again Tuesday evening and the page is down. According to same page, Planned Parenthood furnishes instructors to teach these young girls of sex.
    Editor’s note: Google is a search engine that will search for documents for specified keywords and returns a list of the documents where the keywords are found. That doesn’t mean everything found is true - just like your allegation that Planned Parenthood provides instructors to Girl Scouts. Misinformation is passing as fact. Conservative activists have used social media to promote a smear campaign against the Girl Scouts. The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry has been actively investigating — and mostly refuting — the accusations for several years. The next time you are on the Internet, you might want to visit: www.nccgscf.org/faqs/index.htm
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