El Dorado City Commission tabled a vote on their position on the resolution forming the new Butler County Water Committee

The El Dorado City Commission tabled a vote on their position on the resolution forming the new Butler County Water Committee during their meeting Monday evening.

Commissioner Nick Badwey had at tended the committee meeting last week.

“I requested that the city of El Dorado be given two reps and I didn’t get an emphatic no, but I got a no,” he said. “They asked me why and the only reason I gave them was since the city owns the water rights to the lake we thought we should have more representation.”

He said they asked him for other reasons, but he told them he was not there to debate it.

Badwey said on Monday morning Butler County Commissioner Mike Wheeler talked to him and said the County Commission was meeting the next day.

“He seemed to think that he might be able to sway them to let us have two and requested that we table this this evening until after their meeting tomorrow,” Badwey said.

Badwey brought that request to the commission and they agreed to table the discussion until their next available time to vote on the item.

Mayor Mike Fagg also shared with the commission a letter he found in his files from about 10 years ago that was part of an effort to create a whole sale water district including the cities in Butler County.

“I think this letter the mayor has is a reminder we as a commission need to schedule a time for us to get together so we can understand what this commission’s position is on these things,” said Commissioner Bill Young.

In other business, the commission:

• approved a special use permit allowing an eight-foot fence around a swimming pool and yards on properties located at 317 S. Race, 319 S. Race and 1212 W. Olive. The permit was required because it was over a six-foot increase.

“I am excited on South Race there is a lot of improvements going on,” Fagg said. “I just thank neighbors for what they are doing down there.”

• issued a proclamation for National Service Recognition Day setting April 1 as that date and encouraging residents to recognize the positive impact of service within the community.

Fagg encouraged everyone in town if they were driving down a street and someone has limbs out to stop and ask if they can help, saying he would be the first to do that.

• received department profit and loss statements for the city.

City Manager Herb Llewellyn said the mayor had asked staff to produce profit and loss statements for specific portions of city operations. He said they did that, but also gave the same information on all city departments.

Young said he would like an opportunity to review the information further and suggested they email their questions to city staff.

• heard an update on the request from the American Legion at the last meeting regarding the parking lot repairs.

Llewellyn said the summary was they probably paid more than the city would have but it seemed about right.

“The commission can instruct staff to do whatever they want,” Llewellyn said. “We had done maintenance on it in the past. The question for the commission is do you reimburse people for doing work on property without asking?”

Badwey asked for the estimate of what the city would have done if they would have repaired the parking lot.

Commissioner Chase Locke agreed and asked for a rough estimate at their next meeting, suggesting maybe they could reimburse that amount and not the entire cost.

• received an update on Sixth and Main.

Assistant City Engineer Scott Rickard said they have been working with Linda Jolly, El Dorado Inc. director, to get input from trucking companies on signage.

• heard an update on cemetery roads. Llewellyn said they had worked on Walnut Valley. Rickard added they are getting funding situated for some work at Sunset and public works was going to look into Walnut Valley.