Word of the Day
dapple DAP-uhl noun; A small contrasting spot or blotch; a mottled appearance, especially of the coat of an animal (as a horse); transitive verb: to mark with patches of a color or shade; to spot. intransitive verb: to become dappled; adjective: marked with contrasting patches or spots; dappled. — Dictionary.com
Website of the Day
Sailing Scuttlebutt
Scuttlebutt is a digest of major yacht racing news, commentary, opinions, features and dock talk with a North American emphasis.
Number to Know
12: Gemini 8 was the 12th manned American space flight and first space docking with the Agena Target Vehicle.
This Day in History
March 16, 1955: Associated Press newsman Terry Anderson is taken hostage in Beirut. He is released on Dec. 4, 1991.
Today’s Featured Birthday
Erik Estrada, American actor, 65
Daily Quote
“I really love the karate thing I did on 'CHIPs.' I studied with a trainer because I knew we’d do episodes that had karate.” — Erik Estrada