George Trimble Trust presentation

Since the death of George Trimble in 1991, several Butler County organizations have benefitted from the legacy he left behind.

“George Trimble worked at the refinery,” said Trimble Trustee James Hargrove. “While he was alive, he was very frugal with his money. Before his death, he established a special needs trust to help the El Dorado community. A group of trustees, in cluding myself, have distributed funds to help special needs groups in the area.”

Several groups received a part of that trust on Thursday afternoon including the Family Life Center-Safehouse, the Butler County Library Outreach program, Tri-County Casa, Inc. and Kids Need To Eat/El Dorado Lunchbox.

The Family Life Center received $3,000.

“We plan to use this money to help women and children with their shelter needs,” said Safe House Director Darla Carter. “We will be helping them to escape dangerous living situations by helping with rent or utilities so they can get out on their own.”

The Butler County Library Outreach program received $1,000 for their program.

“The Library Outreach program is a great service to the homebound, hospitals, and special request recipients,” explained Eva Toller, a representative of the program. “We not only purchase large print books for the Bradford Memorial Library, but we have volunteers who deliver the large print books in the El Dorado area. The recipients are always excited to see us.”

Tri-County Casa, Inc. received a grant for $1,000.

“We will use the money to help recruit volunteers and volunteer to represent abused and neglected children,” explained Janett Jacobs, a representative of Tri-County Casa, Inc.

Kids Need To Eat/El Dorado Lunch Box received a $1,000 grant for their program.

“This money will provide food for our lunch box program,” said representative Heather Riddle. “The program helps to feed kids up to the age of 18 during the summer months.”

The Special Families program, represented by Katherine Donovan, received a grant of $1,300.

“We will use this grant to help fund our summer program at Jefferson Elementary school,” said Donovan. “The program helps children with special needs and those who need special academic help during the summer months.”

Those receiving the grants were not the only ones grateful.

“We appreciate all of our groups and recipients,” said Hargrove. “We appreciate everything they do in our community.”


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