Community always has been good at thematic episodes, especially ones that make puns and references to random segments of pop culture.

The latest episode, entitled “App Development and Condiment,” brilliantly showed how ridiculous society can be when it comes to apps and social networking.

A team of developers decide to use Greendale as experimental grounds for a new app. Like most apps plaguing mobile phone stores, it’s simple and pointless. The idea is to rate your friends with a 1 through 5 using hilarious “cat meow” icons. If someone does your homework for you, you might give them a higher rating. Here’s the catch: as your rating goes up, so does the weight of how you rate others. So it becomes a game of getting on the good side of someone with a 5 rating in hopes that they’ll give you a high rating, which means more than a 1 giving you a high rating.

Sound too high school? That’s because it is.

As is the classic Community way, the students take this to the extreme. Sections of the school turn into guarded bases, where lowly rated students are not allowed. The 5s and 4s don’t mingle with the 3s, 2s and 1s. The episode goes 80s-apocalyptic-movie (in several ways) as students fight to survive. There’s even a “Hunger Games” scene where the 3s are brought in front of the audience of 5s and 4s and try to earn their way to higher ratings by telling jokes, singing and giving various other performance types.

It’s just such a great mockery of how dependent society has become to social networking and making even the silliest of ideas into a trend.

The best part is at the end, when the app is removed. Just goes to show how knee-jerky, wishy-washy and unsatisfied people can be. All they care about is what’s popular amongst their friends. And when their friends don’t care, they don’t care. Kind of pathetic, actually.