A look at Augusta's past



The name chosen for the new Teen Town was Oriole’s Nest. The recreational center would be located at 420 State St.

Rationing stopped on electric irons and were expected to begin appearing on store shelves in a few months.

Some 50 girls of Augusta were in the process of establishing a Rainbow Girls Assembly. The Augusta Chapter of OES was sponsoring the organization.



The Bisagnos were in the process of planting over 100 rose bushes on the grounds of the Augusta Drive-In Theatre.

Officials at Socony-Vacuum refinery revealed that without further rainfall, there was only sufficient available water in Santa Fe Lake for the refinery and City of Augusta for about four months.

A dust storm hit and Augusta’s streets, sidewalks and homes were covered with a layer of reddish silt. The clouds of swirling dust were kicked up when a severe blizzard bore down from the Rockies. Visibility was rated from 0 to poor by State Highway Patrol in some places in the county.



Don Peckham bowled a perfect game at Holiday Bowl and was the first one to score 300 in Augusta.

The Augusta Orioles closed their season undefeated by earning a victory over Valley Center, 64-60. The Orioles had a record of 19 straight wins.

Lexanna Jones was named Queen of Courts at the last basketball game of the season. Her attendants were Diane Berndsen and Kathy Davis.

The city was considering purchasing approximately 10 acres owned by Roscoe Winn, adjacent to the newer part of the cemetery.



54 Motors Co., 310 W. 7th, was celebrating their 23rd anniversary. The business opened in 1951 as a Mobil station.

A large quantity of drugs and some cash were taken from the safe at Cooper Drugs during a night time burglary. The KBI was assisting the investigation.

Kansas Governor Robert Docking had offered a $250 reward for information leading to the apprehension, delivery or conviction of the person or persons stealing 100 pounds of dynamite from an El Dorado supply firm.



Tim and Toni Voegeli were crowned King and Queen at St. James Mardi Gras costume ball.

The Augusta Business and Professional Women’s Club named Barbara Brown as Woman of the Year, and Bob McCalla, Garfield principal, as Boss of the Year.

Christ Lutheran Church was preparing for its 50th anniversary with special services and a dinner.

Heather Clark of Benton was named 1984 Miss Butler County and Sherri Simmons of Augusta, was first runner-up.



Eldon Foreman was appointed to the vacant position on the Augusta Board of Education.

A mud-caked vehicle, stolen from Wichita a year earlier, was recovered from the Augusta City Lake.

The Fooshee Amusement bowling team won first place in the Augusta Women’s Bowling Association tournament. Members of the winning team were Janice Miller, Vicky Kunkel, Margaret Cross, Judy Reschke, and Jo Brinkman.