American Legion Post 81 Commander Bob Hendricks came before the El Dorado City Commission last week to request reimbursement for work completed on Legion property

American Legion Post 81 Commander Bob Hendricks came before the El Dorado City Commission during the public comment period last week to request reimbursement for some work completed on Legion property.

They had repaved the parking lot, and after the work was completed, Hendricks said it was brought to his attention in the lease agreement with the city it stated all golf course operations and maintenance costs, including driving and parking surfaces, will be paid for by the city.

"I tried to get on the agenda several times to bring this forward and make this request," Hendricks said.

He said he has a copy of the receipt.

When asked about his statement he tried to get on the agenda, Hendricks explained, "The time before last and the last time I called I was told Mr. (Herb) Llewellyn would get ahold of me and I never did hear from him."

City Manager Herb Llewellyn said they had tried to get it resolved by staff and said a staff member had called the Legion a couple of times but was never able to reach Hendricks.

Llewellyn went on to say Brad Meyer, public works director, had talked with Hendricks last week.

"We had visited, but didn't get anything resolved," Llewellyn said.

Mayor Mike Fagg asked if the lease included the parking lot and Llewellyn said it included most of it.

"We leased everything that was taxable," he said.

Fagg then asked what they do from this point.

"I'm happy to look at it," Llewellyn said. "Normally I would have hoped someone would have asked us in advance or told us work needed done and we would have performed it. It looks a lot different today than it did before."

Hendricks had said he did not realize it was in the lease at the time they got the bids and had the work done, which included a two-inch overlay.

"We hadn't planned on overlaying it," Llewellyn said.

He took the invoice, which was for $67,208, and will get back with the Commission and Legion on the issue.

In other business:

• Fagg asked for more background information on consent agenda items. He wanted to know more on how they were doing with the budget and asked about transferring excess funds at the end of the year so the commission would have accountability on how the city was spending money. He said the quarterly report did not tell him anything.

• Fagg said he heard from a resident who wanted to know when they were going to fix the roads in the cemetery. The city has done some grinding work at Bella Vista and has visited about work at Sunset Cemetery. The city is aware of work needing done.

• the commission heard about some changes in Topeka on unfunded mandates they are experiencing. He said they were talking about increasing fees. They already have new regulations from KDHE on storm water requiring the city to catch samples and measure water quality at two locations during half-inch or more rain events. Llewellyn said he believes the time is going to come when they have to start treating storm water, which would cost a lot more.

• the commission reviewed a resolution on the new water committee being formed in the county. The commissioners expressed some concerns on some of the language in the resolution, as well as if it would have any impact on El Dorado, since El Dorado owns the water in the lake.

"It says they want to talk about the water policy in Butler County and they want to talk about priorities," Llewellyn said. "One of the things that caught my eye, and it may have been in the minutes, was where Commissioner (Peggy) Palmer wanted cheap, enduring water for Butler County. If they wanted that, they should have bought part of the lake maybe."

Commissioner Nick Badwey said they wanted to be a good neighbor to the county, but they also have a duty to the citizens of El Dorado who are responsible for the debt.

"I think the big thing is we're setting at the table and understanding what the conversation is," Fagg said.

"I think as a commission we need to have some time for the five of us to have a conversation so that everybody understands the views of the commission as it pertains to water," Commissioner Bill Young said. "There are some things that I disagree with in the minutes that were said. Those are just minutes and there is no context behind it.

"I think if we have any representative on the committee that representative ought to have the view of the commission," he added.

They will discuss this more in the future.

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