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  • Mr. Bush, I enjoy all of your editorials, especially the one from Feb. 27 - “How many ‘sinners’ are we allowed to refuse service?” That awful bill was discriminatory. I don’t know how people could keep saying it was about religious freedom...they did not bother to take it to its logical conclusion. First, you cannot always tell who is gay by the way they appear or sound. And if you refuse service to them on religious grounds, isn’t it discriminatory if you continue to serve liars, gossips, and adulterers? What kind of religious beliefs do you hold and practice if you have no problem with this?
    Mrs. Grunenke, I do not understand the problem of voter I.D. These people that can not find their papers - how do they cash a check, register at a motel, go to a medical appointment? If one half the time spent grieving about I.D. was spent on location papers, all would be well.
    Hats off to our sanitation workers! On Monday when our schools were closed because of dangerous wind chills, they were out hanging off the back of the truck working hard...SALUTE!
    I would like to publicly applaud the City Council. Those eight people are elected to represent and protect the City of Augusta and making a decision as serious as the decision to part ways with Mr. Gonzales shows they are keeping the best interest of the City in mind. If all eight of them thought it was time to part ways, there must have been a good reason. Thank you for taking care of the city and making the decision to move forward now instead of trying to fix whatever happened later.
    People certainly think they are experts on everything, especially when they don’t have any idea what they are talking about. Let us be thankful our council had the integrity to do the right thing. Believe me, it was the right thing to do.
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