Known as “Turn Around”, all bills passed by the House now go to the Senate and vice versa

The legislature completed the first half of the 2014 Legislative Session last Thursday, Feb. 27th. Known as “Turn Around”, all bills passed by the House now go to the Senate and vice versa. Bills must pass both chambers and be approved by the Governor to become law. If either chamber makes changes in a bill passed by the other, a Conference Committee is appointed to iron out the differences. The Conference Committee Report must then be approved by both chambers and the Governor.

Last week my Health and Human Services Committee passed the Medicaid Prompt Pay Bill. This bill will insure that managed care organizations (MCO’s) make timely payments to providers that participate in the Medicaid program (such as the providers of services to the developmentally disabled). The bill was modeled after an existing law affecting private health insurance companies.

Another bill passed out of Health and Human Services would allow a collaboration agreement between a physician and a pharmacist. The collaboration agreement would allow these vital health care professionals to work as a team to insure proper compliance with patient medications.

We return to work on Wednesday, March 5th. We will have until April 4th to pass out legislation prior to the April recess. We return on April 30th for the Veto Session. At that time the legislature has an opportunity to override any bills vetoed by the Governor. Also, during the Veto Session it might be necessary to pass an Omnibus Budget Bill.

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