A public meeting for the improvement district will be held on March 31 to answer any questions, then a public hearing will be held at the April 7 commission meeting

Citizens along Towanda Street from Fredrick to Edgemoor will be receiving a notification of a public hearing following action by the El Dorado City Commission Monday evening to continue the process of paving that portion of Towanda.

They will be holding a public meeting with those residents in the improvement district on March 31 to answer any questions, then a public hearing will be held at the April 7 commission meeting.

Mayor Mike Fagg asked if they would have an assessment for each property.

“We have an estimated assessment,” explained Scott Rickard, assistant city engineer. “We go above and beyond what is in the statute. We send out letters to the property owners and tell them estimated assessments.”

Those costs will not go above the assessment unless the resident wants a larger or multiple driveways.

Fagg then said he would like to see final costs on stormwater, bridges and streets on the Boyer and Sixth Street project and from where that money came.

Rickard said they did get $750,000 in federal money for that project which went toward the city-at-large portion, and he would get Fagg that information.

“When we look at Boyer there were two bridges involved,” Fagg said. “When we go down there (Towanda) there are no bridges involved and they are paying double what it was on Boyer.”

Rickard said the difference in cost is because Sixth and Boyer had a lot larger improvement district compared to the length of the road.

City Manager Herb Llewellyn also pointed out they didn’t charge people differently who had the bridge, rather it was all divided equally.

Fagg went on to ask why they would want to fix up this portion of Towanda and not the rest of it.

“We will work on part two (the part in the county and township) when we know we are doing part one,” Commissioner David Chapin responded, “unless you want to spend the extra money.”

Fagg said he wanted to see the street policy.

“We need to have a written policy,” he said.

Llewellyn told him there was a written policy, which is in the policy book.

The commission unanimously approved a resolution to give public notice of the hearing.

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