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  • The Kent Bush article was a very good for believers and non-believers. Believers are always portrayed as lunatics and bible-thumping idiots and this article really tells the story of how most believers feel. Hopefully, a lot of non-believers will read it and be inspired. Thanks so much for writing it!
    We are crossing into deep waters when we point out to anyone who reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for whatever reason. Especially when we tread on religious ground.
    Kent Bush, as a believer in Jesus who is disgusted with the hypocritical radicals in our state, it was a breath of fresh air to read your response to House Bill 2453. You nailed it. I love how you actually used scripture to make your claims. Again, as a Christian and a fellow community journalist, I say thank you.
    I just finished reading the second part of Belinda Larsen’s 1900s murder story and I can’t wait until the third part! I’ve really enjoyed it. Please, consider writing more of the same!
    My husband and I have enjoyed reading the “new” paper. Lots of great news from all around the area and we’re really enjoying the historical murder story. Thanks!
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