Around 40 percent of the U.S. population cites blue as their favorite color

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I thought today we might visit about our ongoing love affair with blue and white. We can’t seem to exist without it! I know that I started indulging in blue and white with the dinnerware pattern Blue Danube, which was sold at Lovellette’s Gifts in Augusta. Even though it seemed a bit old fashioned even in the 1960s, I loved the clarity of the pure white combined with the cobalt blue. Certainly a number of brides did as well, as I set many tables with this lovely dinnerware for the bride to be. I wonder how many of those brides of long ago still have and adore that dinnerware pattern today!

Certainly when the French country lifestyle made its appearance in this part of the country in the 1980s, it once again bought that clear rich blue and refreshing white into our homes—such a joy to reside with! I can also go back to the beginning of my relationship with Ralph Lauren…hmmm, maybe that didn’t come out correctly! As I’ve mentioned in a column or two, Mr. Lauren guided us into a fondness of the English lifestyle, and with that affection also comes the blue and white in bedding, lamps, accessories, and dinnerware to mention only a few.

While I was running my shop in Wichita, at least one customer a week asked, “Is blue and white still in style?” My answer was always the same: “My dear, blue and white will never leave our homes!” There is something so very friendly about such an unpretentious color combination. While certainly you might have priceless blue-and-white antique urns lending a very regal and sophisticated element to your home, even those costly pieces could find a position of importance in a cottage-type home.

A Bias Towards Blue

Around 40 percent of the U.S. population cites blue as their favorite color. Why do you suppose we love our blues in all its varying hues? For one thing, it is a happy color, reminiscent of the sapphire in a Rocky Mountain sky, the joy of blue pool water on a toasty day, the deep rich romance of an ocean tide or the delicate tint of a robin’s egg. We honor our country by placing the stars of our flag on a stately blue background. This particular blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice—very substantial reasons for selecting a blue that shows strength. If blue is your favorite color, you are most likely somewhat conservative, responsible and reliable—someone to be trusted. You have the gift of thinking before speaking, which allows you to keep peace in your life.

The Purity of White

Now to discuss the other half of this lovely color combination: white. If white happens to be your favorite color, here is a bit about what the color theorist have to say about you! Your friendship of white evolved over time; it’s not something you grew up with. White is a color of cleanliness and purity, so the desire to be engulfed in white is usually due to changes occurring in your life. You may need to make a clean sweep and edit some aspects of your world. People who love white are usually very neat, their homes and cars are pristine, and they are flawless in their appearance. Lovers of the color white are considered very positive, optimistic and balanced with excellent common sense.

Cool Color Combinations

When you review the profound personalities of these two colors, you can see what a remarkable world they can make when combined. I don’t believe there is any blue that is not brightened when combined with white. Think about a Tiffany turquoise box all tied up with white satin ribbon. Whose heart doesn’t flutter over that visual thrill? Not any woman’s heart I know!

Plus, blue and white will work with just about any other colors you choose to combine with them. A classic, of course, is sunny yellow—such a French delight. Try a soft delicate rose petal pink for a touch of English elegance. Add red for a very “God Bless America” atmosphere in your home. Blend blue and white with the warmest rich brown to generate a very sophisticated urban interior. Take a robin’s egg blue with the brightest white, a splash of lavender and touches of buttery yellow for a very mellow bedroom color scheme. (Who doesn’t love lavender? This color palette will fool the olfactory sensation into almost smelling the luscious plant, sleeping in this room will be effortless.)

Invite this Classic In

How do we invite this classic combination into our homes? Blue-and-white porcelain is certainly one of the easiest options, whether it be a wonderful ginger jar porcelain lamp or a collection of blue-and-white dinnerware displayed beautifully in a kelly green china cabinet. It just feels good! The choices in blue-and-white fabrics include everything from a large tavern check in a host of hues, water colored toile's, to an overall floral pattern. A very tailored pinstripe, perfect for that contemporary home. Modern and sleek homes would benefit from the addition of classic blue and white if done with a very edgy, stylized floral patterns or strong geometric patterns. Feeling like perhaps you want to really indulge in a blue and white world, consider wallpaper! The choices available today are so remarkable, pinstripe, chevron, delicate florals, trellis or even sailboats floating across your walls. Perhaps you are not quite ready to venture into wallpaper, try painting the ceiling a heavenly blue which will set the tone for a restful bedroom. Be daring and perhaps try the power of a military blue lacquered walls to a study or a dining room. This wall affect can give your room either an elegant or avant-garde result. White bookcases or art framed up in white would add such an impact to the lacquered blue color of these rooms. White upholstered furniture pieces decked out with blue decorative pillows and throws will make any room shine with freshness. Try the reverse with a denim sectional accented with crisp white pillows with a bold bright trim along the edge. Spring will soon be here and adding a brilliant white breakfast table to your kitchen might just be the brightener you room is asking for. Always a fun way to spend a little time is of course to Google blue and white room images and let you mind rush with ideas.

Another option for adding blue and white is changing up the architecture in your home, especially in a private area! Contemplate painting the woodwork, reversing the traditional trend of commonplace white millwork with blue trim and brilliant white walls! I am seeing more and more of this done in well-appointed homes. If you are a stained millwork type of person and white just seems too lightweight for you, an intense painted color provides the depth that white may not.

You can bring the much adored blue-and-white color combination into your home in many ways, so consider adding this refreshing recipe into your home’s next refashion. With spring right around the corner this may just be the time to brighten your world.

As I like to do so often I will leave you with a quote from a former Kansan-Van Day Truex: Remember, color is not just color, but mood, temperature, and structure.

See you next Saturday for something new for us to ponder!

Reminder! All you winter finery should now be boxed up until next year. Spring is on its way, I just saw my first robin!