Cases invested remained about the same last year

While calls were up for the El Dorado Police Department, cases invested remained about the same last year.

The department investigated 2,461 cases in 2013 and responded to 15,043 calls for service. In 2012, they investigated 2,491 cases and received 11,990 calls.

Larceny/theft calls topped the list for 2013, the department receiving 298. While this was the most calls they received, it was down 15.82 percent from the previous year.

Next on the list was drug offenses, which comprised 148 calls, up 87 percent from the previous year.

Third on the list was assaults, which totaled 140 of the calls, down 21 percent from 2012.

Other calls included: 98 reports of driving under the influence, up 15 percent; 83 reports of criminal damage to property, down 19 percent; 69 reports of burglary, down 28 percent; 45 reports of counterfeiting/forgery, up 40 percent; 34 reports of for liquor law violations, down 34 percent; 23 reports of for disorderly conduct, down 25 percent; 18 reports of trespassing, up 5 percent; 18 reports of fraud, down 43 percent; 11 reports of non-violent family offenses, up 120 percent; 11 reports of motor vehicle theft, down 31 percent; 11 call for sex offense-force, down 31 percent; 7 reports of bad checks, up 133 percent; five reports of drunkenness, down 28 percent; five reports of sex offense-non force, up 150 percent; five reports of weapon law violations, down 44 percent; four reports of stolen property, down 20 percent; 4 reports of runaways, down 20 percent; three reports of robbery, up 50 percent; two reports of pornography/obscenity, down 33 percent; and one report each of embezzlement, down 85 percent; kidnapping/abduction, no change; and homicide, down 66 percent. In addition, there were 397 other calls, up 29 percent.

Accidents in El Dorado in 2013 totaled 258, with 66 begin hit and run, 36 injury and 156 non-injury. There were no fatality accidents last year.

Looking at the municipal court, there were 3,841 notices to appear issued in 2013. This was down 10.76 percent from 2012. In addition, there were 341 warrants issued, up 87 percent, and 401 warrants served, up 97 percent.

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