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  • You complain of waste disposal not picking up garbage on a cold day and those children had to walk to school. Are your servants expected to hang on the back of a truck...while children can’t be dressed properly to walk 15-45 minutes to get educated? You complain of the snow removal crews clearing snow routes and some snow fills your approach...get a snow blower.
    I want to thank Kent Bush. Some of us aren’t able to be at the City Council meetings or have cable tv. Thanks to Ron Reavis and Paul Belt for standing up for their constituents and not on the fence. And the City Manager needs to realize that he’s not in California anymore. He’s in Kansas!
    Concerning the truck issue at City Council - it should not have been in the consent agenda. Because it was coming in over budget, there needed to be discussion. The council works for the residents and the city manager works for the council.
    It is nice to know that Kent Bush has our back and is telling it like it is? We wouldn’t know anything if the press wasn’t informing us. Some of us can’t meetings on television or drop by city hall to try to find out.
    Well, well, well, we had a good city manager - one who was as transparent as glass - and you got rid of him. Better hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
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