Rainbows United’s Bright Beginnings in Butler County announce a gift of $4,680

Rainbows United’s Bright Beginnings in Butler County announce a gift of $4,680 to be used for the benefit of infants and toddlers with developmental delays from Kansas Gas Service.

The project will fund sensory-motor, oral-motor and feeding aids and devices for 120 children birth to age 3 in Butler County along with iPads and laptops for direct-service staff members who travel throughout the community for home visits.

The special aids and devices include items such as a “honey bear” bottle to assist in oral-motor development for a child who is struggling to transition from using a bottle to a straw.

“Kansas Gas Service is a new partner for us,” said Deb Voth, president of Rainbows. “We look forward to what we can accomplish together for the children in Butler County.”

Kansas Gas Service is a division of ONEOK, Inc. and has an office in El Dorado.

Rainbows is the lead agency for tiny-k early intervention services in Butler County.

These services are available at no cost to families for any child birth to age three who is suspected of having a developmental delay. Rainbows can provide a comprehensive evaluation on the basis of a physician’s or family member’s concern or a formal screening. A diagnosis is not required for a referral.

Rainbows United, Inc. served more than 4,400 children birth – 21 with special needs or at risk throughout Sedgwick and Butler Counties last year. Rainbows is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children with special needs and their families by bringing together community resources and providing customized services as they have been for the past 41 years.