With three of the team’s players scoring double-digit points, it’s little surprise the Lady Trojans slammed the Lady Maize South Mavericks when they faced off Friday evening.

The Trojans nearly beat the Mavericks by 30, winning 66-35. However, the start of the game did not suggest the victory would be won by such a large margin. In fact, it looked like the game would be much closer.

Right away, the Trojans came out scoring 3-pointers. The first three baskets by the Trojans were 3-pointers, one each coming from junior Katelyn Day, senior Maddie Routhier and junior Jaylyn Agnew.

However, those 3-pointers weren’t enough to push the Trojans ahead, as they only led the Mavericks 19-14 at the end of the first quarter.

The Trojans persisted however and pulled ahead in the second quarter. By scoring a whopping 21 points, they led the Mavericks by 22 points going into halftime, with a score of 40-18.

They didn’t stop there, though. The Lady Trojans added 15 points in the third quarter and led the Mavericks by nearly 30 points by a 55-28 score.

The Trojans kept it up in the final quarter, adding an additional 11 points to their total. With a final score of 66-35, the Trojans added another victory to their season.

Agnew, Routhier and junior Riley Messina were the big scorers for the Trojans, each scoring points in the double digits. Agnew led with 13 points, Routhier had 11, while Messina added 10.

Junior Hailey Meisch added eight points, while Day scored seven and sophomore Lexi Tilson had six.

Routhier led the team on 3-pointers, making three. Agnew made two shots, while Day and junior Carissa Preboth each added one.

Tilson, Meisch, Messina and Preboth all tied for two free throws, while Agnew and sophomore Lauren Siebuhr each added one of their own.

The Trojans next head to Valley Center for a game at 6 p.m. Tuesday evening.