Uncork Kansas, a coalition of retailers supporting adult beverage sales in grocery and convenience stores will be heard Wednesday.

HB 2556, proposed by Uncork Kansas, introduces a soft landing for liquor stores, giving them ten years to adapt to increased competition in the marketplace. Beer sales would not be legal until 2017, wine in 2020, and spirits in 2024. Liquor stores also have the option of selling their license during the ten-year period as the bill would mandates a ten-year license freeze.  

“This is a sound bill that eases liquor stores into free market retailing and finally gives Kansas consumers the choice and convenience they’ve long desired,” said Jessica Lucas of Uncork Kansas.      

Those submitting testimony for the bill include Rep. John Rubin, Dave Dillon of Kroger, Kansas residents, small grocers, liquor store owners, and independent convenience stores.

Media kits will be available the day of testimony as well as pre- and post-interviews with Coalition representatives and testimony presenters.