I am amazed at my tribe of women

Little Missy has taken to passing out. She’s done it twice now--once in November and once on Wednesday--and both times I’ve been with her, for which I praise the Lord, because both times I saw it happen, controlled her fall, and was able to clearly tell the doctor what happened.

But it’s nothing. As I write this I realized that I still haven’t told my mother, I don’t think Hubby has told his, because after a precautionary EEG and X-ray the doc is pretty sure that her body will react in this way on occasion from low blood sugar; it is nothing more serious than that, which is why Hubby and I have forgotten to tell the important people in our life. And after praying that the Lord would guide Little Missy’s doctor to the correct diagnosis, I’m comfortable with this answer.

My little family has gone through some big tests over the past six months--G with his heart, my sister had a battery of scary tests that led to the innocent diagnosis of hypoglycemia, and now Little Missy with her occasional fainting.

Each time I am amazed at my tribe of women.

Wednesday morning was not the easiest day for Little Missy to have one of her episodes, because it was the day of her and G’s Valentine’s parties, for which I was the room mom in Little Missy’s class. After we determined that Little Missy wouldn’t attend school, I brought my little cache of fun drink items and dropped them with my friend Heidi and the other helper moms and let them take over. Mrs. Shaw took care of my daughter’s Valentine’s.

It was also the morning of Baby Chickadee’s Valentine’s party at Story Time, so I left my youngest child in the care of my friend Chrissa, who helped Baby Chickadee and then brought her home.

My friend Jayme picked up G from school and brought him to her house so that the girls and I could be at the doctor’s appointment, even as she had to deal with her own conferences and piano lessons that afternoon.

G and Little Missy’s teachers Mrs. Bowman and Mrs. Shaw are working with me on rescheduling conferences that had been scheduled for right after school that day.

I think when we or someone in our family gets sick we tend to close in and work through it ourselves, forgetting about our friends who are jumping at the opportunity to help. That day I whispered a need for help and my friends came running. And when I whispered a need during G’s testing and my sister’s testing, my friends stepped in with offers and prayers and action before I could ask them twice.

I am so thankful for women who love the Lord and who love me.

Erin Fox is a busy wife and mother of three. She is a weekly columnist for the Times- Gazette.