Teachers will have more time during the 2014-15 school year for professional development.

Two Andover schools have won the prestigious Governor’s Achievement Award. Andover Central Middle School and Wheatland Elementary were both recognized at Tuesday night’s board of education meeting.

To be considered for the award, a school must be among the top five percent of Kansas schools in reading and math on state assessments and meet attendance requirements. Only 42 elementary schools, 10 middle schools and 18 high schools across the state qualified.

“Out of nearly 1,500 schools in the state, two were picked from Andover,” said Superintendent Greg Rasmussen. “This speaks volumes about the quality of education offered in our district.”

Julie Linville, Sara Horinek, Kelli Wald, Ashley Udell, Micah Brown and Stacie Trowbridge were at the meeting representing Wheatland Elementary. Wheatland Principal Elton Armbrister credits quality staff, quality students, and families for the success of the school.

“We have a great system,” said Armbrister. “We appreciate the families and the dedication and support they show us.”

Connie Showalter, Ben Carpenter, and Andover Central Middle School Principal Tim Hayden accepted the award for their school.

“We have an outstanding group of teachers who work their tails off every day,” said Hayden.

Also recognized at Tuesday’s school board meeting was Andover Central High School freshman Savannah Redfern. Redfern designed the winning flag, for Kansas, for Youth Art Month, which is March.

The flag will fly over the national art convention in San Diego, Calif., at the end of March.

Redfern will be recognized by the Governor of Kansas and the Kansas Legislature as part of a proclamation in March for Youth Art Month.

Redfern won a $250 French easel and $300 in art supplies. Her art teacher was also awarded $300 in art supplies.

The Board heard the first reading of four changes in policy that will align the school district policies on the subjects with new state policies.

• Policy on use of school facilities by community groups.

• Board committee policy allowing three board members to serve on a committee instead

• Implementing a new bullying by staff policy.

• Policy on naming facilities.

The board will vote on the changes in policy at its March meeting.

Teachers will have more time during the 2014-15 school year for professional development. The Andover School Board voted 6-0 to accept a new calendar. The calendar has 173 days in the classroom teaching compared to 175 days this year, and 10 professional development days compared to just 8 this year.

“It is not a day off. Teachers are working on those days to make education better for your kids,” said Board Member Josh Wells.

Teachers use these days to plan, train, and collaborate with other teachers.

“There is a tremendous amount of work to do to get the district ready for upcoming changes instandards,” said Rasmussen.

You can look at the new calendar and all of the items discussed at the Andover School Board meeting at www.usd385.org.