The Andover Trojans boys basketball team took their revenge across cross-town rival Andover Central Jaguars, where they defeated the Jaguars 60-45.

Previously, the Trojans and Jaguars faced off at Andover in December, and the Jaguars barely defeated the Trojans with a last-second basket, beating them, 42-41.

However, the start of the game seemed to suggest that the final score would be close, as it was in the last game. The Trojans were quick to pull ahead of the Jaguars, ending the first quarter with a three-point lead of 13-10.

The Jaguars started to fall behind the Trojans in the second half. The Trojans added 15 points to their total while the Jaguars added 12, making the halftime score 28-22, in favor of the Trojans.

In the third quarter, the Trojans extended their lead dramatically as they kept scoring basket after basket. They added 20 points in the third quarter alone and ended it with a 13-point lead over the Jaguars with a score of 48-35 going into the final quarter.

Luck seemed to favor the Trojans, as they added a further 12 points to their total, eventually defeating their cross-town rivals 60-45. The memory of their previous encounter with the Jaguars seemed to have been forgotten as the team celebrated their win on the court, while showing sportsmanship and shaking hands with their opponents.

Senior Ryan Bezdek dominated on scoring for the Trojans, scoring nearly a third of Andover’s points at 19. Bezdek also made three successful three-point attempts. Senior Adam DeKoning came in a close second, adding 16 points of his own. Senior Bryant Klusener came in third, adding seven points to the total.

Sophomore Darraja Parnell stole the show for the Jaguars by scoring 28 of the Jaguars’ points during the game. Senior Chris Forbes added a further seven points, while senior Christian DeYoung added five. Junior Brock Schaffer scored three while senior Logan Kirkhart added two.

The Jaguars will face Goddard Eisenhower at the home of the Tigers Tuesday night, while the Trojans return home to face Arkansas City.