The second faceoff between the Lady Trojans and the Lady Jaguars might have gone into overtime had it not been for the last-second shot by Trojan freshman Katelyn Day that pushed the final score to 43-42 for a Trojan victory.

Day’s last minute shot was reminiscent of a similar last-minute shot made by junior Jaylyn Agnew in the first Crosstown Showdown back in December that secured a Trojan victory.

The game started with the Lady Trojans pulling ahead of the Jaguars early on with scoring. With a close score of 9-4 at the end of the first quarter, it seemed to foreshadow the game’s eventual outcome.

In the second quarter, neither team gained advantage over the other, each only adding single-digit point numbers to their totals: the Trojans added seven while the Jaguars added four, making the halftime score 16-10 in favor of the Trojans.

However, the Jaguars started to catch up to the Trojans lead in the third quarter. They even pulled ahead of the Trojans by the end of the quarter, leading the Trojans by four points at the end of the quarter, with a score of 27-23.

The final quarter of the game proved to be the most competitive. Neither team gained significant advantage over the other. There were several instances of a one-point game throughout the quarter, with each team holding a one-point lead for only seconds at a time.

However, the Trojans came through. With the score at 42-41 and everything looking good for the Jaguars, Day ran for the basket and made a buzzer-beating score, bringing the score to 43-42, for another close victory. After Day’s successful final basket, screams and cheers erupted from the Andover stands and the team embraced in a group hug before clearing the court for the boys to play.

Day led the Lady Trojans with 12 points, 10 of which she scored in the fourth quarter. Junior Hayley Meisch added a further eight points, while sophomore Lexi Tilson scored three.

For the Jaguars, senior Skyler Snodgrass dominated on points, scoring 17 points, all in the fourth quarter. Junior Becca Schulte added a further eight points and six rebounds.

The Jaguars next play at Goddard Eisenhower on Tuesday night while the Trojans face Arkansas City back at home.