The Tanglewood and Orange Court street project will cost $234,064 and be completed in June

The Rose Hill City Council awarded Andale Paving the contract to rebuild two streets using a relatively new process. The Tanglewood and Orange Court street project will cost $234,064 and be completed in June.

Five bidders vied for the project with offers coming in for asphalt, concrete or roller compacted concrete construction. The roller compacted bid was the lowest.

Ben Mabry from PEC, the city’s engineering advisor, explained a concrete roller compactor is similar to an asphalt paver in that the concrete is laid in a continuous feed.

A major advantage of the new paving process is convenience to area residents. The roller compacted concrete requires only two days to cure, compared to about 14 days with the traditional concrete process, Mabry said.

Performance and stability of streets paved with the newer process were of concern to the council.

Mayor Jason Jones said he drove down a street in Haysville paved three years ago using the newer method.

The street “looked like any other concrete surface; it’s holding up very well,” he said.

Councilman Bob Klem said he heard from county officials they have been pleased with roller compacted concrete surfaces as well.

The asphalt bid was the highest of the three options, coming in at more than $296,000. Mabry noted Andale Paving has been offering lower bids on roller compacted concrete jobs to build its reputation and experience with the process.

The savings may enable the city to add additional paving projects during the coming year, and this will be discussed at future council workshops.