Hearings on two bills in Health and Human Services Committees

We have now completed the third week of the 2014 Legislative Session.

We had hearings on two bills in my Health and Human Services Committee last week.

The first bill would prevent young people from utilizing “Tanning Beds” at licensed tanning bed facilities prior to 18 years of age. Two physicians, who specialize in dermatology, testified to the increase in Melanoma and other skin cancers. Their argument was that exposure to ultraviolet radiation (tanning facilities) at a young age places the patient at risk for skin cancer later in life.

The second bill regarded the licensure of Massage Therapist. Massage Therapist’s provide a very important service to many Kansans. Unfortunately, a few unscrupulous individuals have initiated sex trafficking into the massage business. This has occurred in Wichita and the chief of police of Lenexa testified that it is a significant problem in the Kansas City area. The decision our committee will have to make is whether licensure would deter sex trafficking in the massage therapy industry.

It was a pleasure to work with Pat Terick to pass a concurrent resolution on last Thursday which recognized the 25th anniversary of the Peter Jon Luox Award. The award, which is made annually, recognizes an individual who has overcome disability to serve as an inspiration to others. The award is administered through the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation where Pat serves as Director of Governmental Affairs.

The best way to reach me on short notice is to call 1-785-296-6989. It is an honor to represent the 77th District.