Bunting Magnetics is always searching for ways to grow and evolve the company, and a recent $500,000 investment is designed to improve the efficiency of the company's manufacturing process.

Bunting Magnetics Co. develops and manufactures precision magnetic products for the worldwide printing, automobile, plastics, food, electronics and recycling industries. They recently purchased a new press brake and a new machining lathe for the company's Newton location, which serves as Bunting's corporate office and main manufacturing hub.

"We're always looking at how do we increase our efficiencies, our capacity, our production," said Barry Voorhees, general manager at Bunting.

The press brake is used in metal fabrication, such as bending sheets of metal. The new device improves control, efficiency and quality, Voorhees said.

The lathe is used in metal turning for shafts or cylinders. The new machine has more capacity and tolerance.

Voorhees said the equipment already is installed and operable, and it upgraded outdated and aging equipment.

Bunting President Robert J. Bunting said the company had a good year in 2013, and equipment and personnel upgrades are key to growth in the future.

"It's just part of our overall strategic plan," he said.

The company plans to place a focus on the recycling and food industry as it looks ahead.

Other Bunting locations include Elk Grove Village, Ill., which handles the company's magnetic materials division; two sites in Pennsylvania, which handle compression and injection bonded magnets; Berkhamsted, England, which also handles compression and injection bonded magnets, in addition to the manufacture of the Bunting product line. Bunting also has a licensee in Australia.