A look at Augusta's past



A contest sponsoring the sale of war bonds and stamps was held at Augusta High School for six weeks. The seniors won by a small margin. Connie Jones, a senior, would be crowned Victory Queen.

Pvt. Charles Payne, ASTP student of Los Angeles, was spending a few days in Augusta with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Payne. (Charles was the brother of Madelyn Payne, President Obama’s grandmother.)

Subscription rates for the Gazette: 50 cents a month by carrier in town; $3 per year in Butler County and $6 per year by mail.



Several local hunters killed a black “wolf-dog” near Atlanta. The wolf-dog was reported to be six feet long, 80 pounds, and had been killing calves in the area.

Ernie Keller was recognized for 25 years of perfect attendance at Kiwanis Club meetings.

Mr. and Mrs. Art Ballinger announced the formal opening of their new restaurant at the corner of 5th and State, former location of Lehr’s Cafe.



The cornerstone of the First Methodist Church was removed from its resting place during the renovation of the front of the building. The box was to be placed somewhere within the walls of the building to prevent deterioration.

R.H. Little of rural Douglass was having a successful coyote hunting season with 68 kills. He expected a total of 80 before the season was finished. He enjoyed hunting on horseback.

Basil R. Covey of Holton, was named the new superintendent of Augusta schools.



Kay Bisagno was the year’s winner of the Augusta Soroptimist Youth Citizenship Award.

When John Watkins noticed fumes from his chimney were backing up into his house, he went to investigate. He was surprised to fin a bobcat perched on top of the chimney warming itself. Watkins chased it away and built a wire cover over the chimney so the animal could still warm itself while at the same time allowing the fumes to escape.

Jack Spurlock was the new minister at the Church of God, 430 E. 14th.



Parks Motors had welcomed John Hoefgen to their sales staff.

The Leon Bluestem girls basketball team was undefeated with a 10-0 record.

A man driving a stolen truck smashed into three Butler County Sheriff’s patrol cars. The cars were being used as a partial road block, four miles east of Leon, to stop the man who had earlier eluded law officers in Wilson and Greenwood counties. No one was injured and the suspect was taken to the county jail.

Over 200 people attended Coach John Hutter’s funeral held at the AHS Hutter gymnasium.



Nathan Stevenson won the local Punt, Pass and Kick competition in Wichita, and won the regional at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Stevenson dazzled the crowd with a pin-point long distance throw.

Joe Haag received the top Fireman of the Year during the annual dinner of the Augusta Volunteer Fire Department.

Katie Duncan was the spelling bee champ at Robinson Elementary and Miranda Davidson at Garfield Elementary.