Frederick Remington Area Historical Society (FRAHS) to meet

On Feb. 3, the Frederic Remington Area Historical Society (FRAHS) will have their monthly meeting at 7:30 p.m. at the Remington High School, Whitewater.

The program will focus on the German POWs who were brought to Kansas between 1943 and 1946.  A POW tent camp was set up in Peabody on Sept. 11, 1943 just south of town at an old creamery and then relocated to the 1919 Eyestone Building at 122 W. 2nd on Nov. 28, 1943. Local farmers and business could hire these POWs by the day.  Many farmers in the FRAHS area utilized this inexpensive man-power. Communication with these POWs was enhanced because many farmers in the FRAHS area were of German decent.  

Mark Schock, of Rose Hill, will initiate the discussion and provide a general review.  He coauthored the book "Prisoners of War in Kansas 1943-1946" with Lowell A. May.  This book is a great reference source.  

The evening will conclude with Walter Penner, Wilbert Wiebe, Melvin Epp and anyone else who has a vignette or story, telling of their remembrance or interaction with the POWs.  Everyone who attends will be giving a postcard of the painting of the Emmaus Mennonite Church drawn by a POW; the church building burned in 2008.