My son is a Broncos fan

Even though my husband played football all through middle school and high school, and even though both of us enjoy a good K-State football game in Manhattan, neither of us have ever been big watchers of football on TV. On Saturdays and Sundays we’re watching old episodes of “Man, Woman, Wild” or “AFV” with the kids.

But this year, both with G’s foray into tackle football and his numerous trips to Manhattan for K-State football games, Hubby thought our son might like to start watching games on TV. And so our home was filled with the sounds of fall: commentators, noisy crowds, tackling of 250-lb men.

The Hubster was right, G very much enjoyed watching the games, so much so that he’d turn to me--who was watching the exact same game as he--and excitedly say, “Did you see that?!” before launching into what had happened in the play that finished mere moments before, AS I WAS WATCHING THE EXACT SAME GAME. After a while I’d have to smile and say, “Yes, Bub, I’ve been watching it, too,” only I’d feign excitement, so it’d be something like, “Yeah, I know, that was great! [Even though it wasn’t, cuz you can only get so excited about someone getting tackled AGAIN.] But let’s watch the next one now, k?”

Then the Chiefs and Broncos game approached and we actual made plans to sit and watch that one; usually we just watched whichever teams happened to be playing on our basic cable TV at the time convenient to us. But the Chiefs vs. Broncos… you all remember that game. And while G hadn’t really chosen a pro team before that game, all of a sudden he was a Broncos fan. Diehard Broncos fan at that. Smack-talking Broncos fan. All credit for that one goes to my brother-in-law Todd, who I think is the only one to have mentioned pro football to my kid.

But as I said on Facebook months ago during that first Chiefs/Broncos match up, somewhere on the time-space continuum my father, who wore his Chiefs Zubaz pants on Sunday afternoons at home at he watched the Chiefs games, shed a tear at his grandson’s allegiance.

After the Broncos won back in November there was lots of smack talk from my kid to his grandfather on my side and to his grandfather on Hubby’s side, and I’m guessing lots of smack talk at school. Then when the Broncos won again against the Chiefs in December, well, that cemented it: my son is a Broncos fan, not only when they’re playing the Chiefs and he can get a reaction from those closest to him.

For Christmas we bought him a Broncos hat, my mother-in-law graciously bought him a Broncos jacket. Our family is fully supporting this kid as he betrays his Kansas roots.

Hubby pointed out that our son chose a great team to follow since they’re going to the Super Bowl the first year he cares anything about pro football.

Which is a very good point. If my kid can choose one of the best teams in the country without much forethought, I may just have him choose some lottery numbers for me.

Erin Fox is a busy wife and mother of three. She is a weekly columnist for the Times- Gazette.