Andover Street Superintendent Bill Braitsch is still loving his job after 40 years

After four decades of working for the city of Andover, Street Superintendent Bill Braitsch is still loving his job.

Braitsch celebrated 40 years of employment with the city on June 1. The milestone will be recognized at the annual Andover Employee Appreciation event which will occur Saturday.

"Bill’s dedication has had a great affect in the Street Department and the City of Andover wishes to extend our sincere appreciation for his service," Mayor Ben Lawrence said.

Initially hired as a seasonal maintenance employee in 1973, Braitsch said he came for the summer and stayed for a career. He was promoted to street superintendent in 1980 and has been in that position, leading a growing department, ever since.

"He knows what he's doing and does his job well," Public Works Director Les Mangus said. “For the 25 years I’ve been here, our road system, especially street conditions following a snow or ice storm, has been one of the primary things the city receives compliments about. This is not the norm in all cities."

In addition to his position with the City of Andover, Braitsch works as a senior tax advisor for H&R Block.

“I go from the busy season for snow and ice removal at my primary job to the busy season for tax filings in my part time job,” said Braitsch, who clearly likes to keep himself occupied.

He has worked for H&R Block for 34 years.

"I love being the street superintendent because the work the Street Department does directly impacts the citizens. When we repair a cracked sidewalk or pothole or remove snow from a road, we are immediately improving someone’s day," he said. "Working in a small city is great because we all know each other; that might not happen in a larger agency."