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  • Belinda Larsen: Augusta's Yesterdays 1-14-14

  • A look at Augusta's past
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  • 70 YEARS AGO
    The Augusta High School basketball scoring record was broken by Junior Ewart when he made 25 points, unseating Glenn Gahm, whose 24 points had been the high for the past eight years.
    The Jubilee Banquet, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the First Baptist Church, was held.
    Word was received that there would no longer be any practice blackouts in the mid west part of the country. The only practice blackouts would be on the coasts.
    60 YEARS AGO
    El Dorado residents had been asked to limit their daily use of water to 20 gallons per person.
    The Bible Baptist Church, 1009 Ohio St., was a new organization in Augusta.
    A strange road sign spotted near Atlanta read: “Bears, tigers, donkeys, monkeys, squirrels, and skunks for sale.”
    Lake El Dorado began soaking up the first of an estimated 60 to 75 million gallons of Fox Lake water.
    The City of Augusta was planning to purchase a 10-acre plot from D.A. Bisagno, just north of the Augusta Airport on Ohio St., for the purpose of constructing a convalescent home.
    50 YEARS AGO
    Hobart Auer, Jr., Augusta, had filed as a candidate for Butler County Sheriff.
    Augusta’s Mobil refinery completed one million man hours without a disabling injury.
    The El Dorado Board of Education proposed that El Dorado School District No. 3 and seven other districts lying north and east of El Dorado form a unified school district.
    Home made bombs were expected to be the source of mysterious explosions heard by Towanda residents. The sheriff’s department was investigating.
    40 YEARS AGO
    Augusta safety officers accompanied by Kansas Attorney General Vern Miller and KBI agents swept through the city arresting 11 people on drug charges.
    The Butler County Historical Society was in the planning stages of creating an oil museum.
    Kay Bisagno was crowned AHS homecoming queen. Her attendants were Kim Schnabel, Rita Palacioz, and Deanna Duncan.
    30 YEARS AGO
    The Augusta City Council was contemplating swings, horse shoe pits, lighting and a gravel parking area for a shaded area beneath the U.S. 54 overpass.
    Augusta’s Lakeview Bible Baptist Church, 1709 Socony, was celebrating its 30th anniversary.
    The City Council authorized the construction of a new picnic shelter at the city lake on the west side of Ohio St.
    Former Oriole coach John Hutter returned to Augusta and visited the AHS gymnasium named for him.
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    Andy Hall was recognized during the Volunteer Fire Service Dinner as the Exceptional Volunteer Firefighter of the Year.
    An outbreak of chicken pox had hit local schools.
    Danielle Mosier was the winner of the St. James spelling bee, and Steven Best was runner-up.
    (Editor’s note: The first half of the 2004 is missing from the Augusta archives.)
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