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I would like praise an officer from the Butler County Sheriff's Department. I didn't catch the officer's name, but No. 504 was listed on the front of his vehicle. The officer helped my boyfriend and I with a flat tire on my Corolla around 11 p.m. Jan. 5. In single degree temperatures, the officer helped us not only to use his lug wrench, but also by loosening the lug nuts for us. I also appreciated the visibility for added safety and better lighting that he offered to the situation just by having his vehicle there. And yes, I have now purchased a lug wrench to remedy the issue.


I was shocked to read about the terrible treatment Mr. Bowlus received from the El Dorado Police Department. I hope someone in authority read what Mr. Bowlus wrote, and reprimanded the officers involved. I can only hope it was an isolated incident. No one should be treated in such a manner, especially a senior citizen with a clean record and no intent to break the law.

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