KWCH meteorologist visits Augusta’s Ewalt Elementary 3rd grade

Augusta’s Ewalt Elementary third grade students recently enjoyed a visit from KWCH meteorologist Ross Janssen and Millie, the Weather Dog.

Millie, a loveable Welsh Corgi, spent her time checking out the classroom and making friends with the students, while Janssen discussed weather.

He explained growing up on a farm helped show him how weather impacted every aspect of agriculture. While he was in middle school, he attended storm spotter training classes along with his father and his interest in the meteorology grew. His broadcast career started at 19 in Lawrence. He moved to Wichita in 2004 to work at KWCH.

Janssen discussed thunderstorms and tornadoes with the students. Along with an impressive video of a tornado, he explained an easy way to remember tornado safety - DUCK: Duck Under Central part of the house, Keep away from windows.

He also provided the students an opportunity to see and touch a deflated weather balloon.

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